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Effective means to safeguard your assets

Offshore financial services have always been a fundamental pillar of Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust. We boast superior financial policies in a thriving economic and business environment, which is supported by solid regulations and a stable government.

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Clear financial plans to help you achieve your personal or corporate goals.

Your Heritage in the best Hands.

At Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust, we’re inspired by the initiative, goals and dreams of our client. We’re energized by their drive to embark on new journeys, and it’s why everything we do starts with understanding their goals.

Our proposal consists of an integrated asset management, with the ability and support of Financial Advisors who work closely with you to forge comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. We offer both financial and investment products and also provide professional advice in the structuring and administration of trusts and private interest foundations to ensure the protection and succession of your assets.

At Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust, we offer the concept of Universal Private Banking, since we are a one-stop shop for all your financial products and services. Along with our extensive experience and innovative thinking, we bring an open mind to every interaction and a willingness to work with customers in ways that best suit their needs.

Investment Savings

Our clients are as unique as their financial position, which is why every element of every financial plan we create is personalized.

Future Financial Security

Our dedicated pension specialists,  incorporate retirement preparation consideration within every wealth plan we construct.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management service is a consultative client-centered process, aimed at helping you achieve all of your financial needs.

Financial Advice

We review your wealth plan taking into consideration market solutions, and changes to your personal status.

Our Testmonials

What People Say

Yves Smith
Conulting Director
Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust enabled me to make the right tax-free and efficient investment choices with our savings when we moved out of the UK to Cayman Island. Later, they enabled me to engage in a offshore pension arrangement which is providing excellent returns.
Damian Gregory
Factory Manager
After transferring my Spanish pension to Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust the service I have received has been exceptional. With the assistance of Senior Wealth Manager, Jonathan Shearwwod, my fund has been very well managed.
Mary Valentine
Design Lead
I have been dealing with TOA as an expat for several years now both on pensions and investments. I find them very friendly and efficient and they are one of those rare companies who actually perform and do all that they say they will with regular reviews and no fuss.
Zoey Nikolson
Networking Lead
We have recently moved to France to retire and was looking at offshore investment options available to us for our final salary pension scheme. We contacted Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust and set up a consultation with Nelson and Monica. Over the past few months whilst dealing with the legal side of things I have nothing but praise for these two.
Personalized and preferential financial partnership

What We Offer

At Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust, we believe in the individuality of man and therefore their financial needs are also different. We extensive access the patrimonial structure of each client to offer orientation according to their particular interests. Through a Financial Advisor, personal, preferential and long-term treatment is established in an environment of total confidence.

At Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust, we are committed to offering our clients services that make managing their personal finances simple and stress-free.

We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your business thrive, we offer you the most comprehensive solutions achieve your business goals.

We pride ourselves in providing personalized attention, measuring our success by how well we’ve met your needs.

Our SME Banking plans and services are designed with you in mind, allowing us to offer the most flexible and diverse solutions.


To offer the best options to finance your home, we created offshore mortgage plans with multiple benefits.

We offer an extensive and varied range of credit cards with a diversity of benefits, allowing our clients to select the one that best fits their needs.

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Fortis Offshore Alliance and Trust, is a leading Cayman Island Based investment and wealth management firm. We build relationships using our judgement, objectivity and expertise to create significant long-term value for our clients.

Our investment professionals leverage extensive domain knowledge and industry relationships to provide insightful strategic advice and successful transaction execution, while our wealth management professionals provide customized investment solutions in a multi-family office environment.